Last September, a Sacramento Superior Court judge ruled in favor of the California Department of Fish and Game, allowing the State to implement overly excessive and costly fish stocking regulations. The economic analysis shows that the new regulations will impact over 4,000 California lakes and reservoirs, and over 20,000 ponds – including golf courses and Koi ponds, both under the broad legal definition of what is a “Water of the State”! The analysis concluded that what was once a $53 fish stocking fee could cost some lake operators and water districts over $100,000 in environmental assessments! Yes, costs so high that no lake operator would even consider staying in businesses.

This is why these regulations were unanimously rejected by the California Fish and Game Commission in December, 2011. Unfortunately this did not deter the department from defending the regulations in court. Remember, a coalition made up of over 60 organizations representing sport fishing, small business, restaurants, local government and the outdoor tourism industry shared our concerns that $3 billion in regulatory costs will cripple freshwater fishing in California.

We have fought the Department for the last couple years with the help of supporters like you and the Pacific Legal Foundation. Please join our organization so we can continue the fight for increased access in California!

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