Your Favorite Fishing Hole is Threatened – and so are Jobs!

CARF is fighting back and has filed a lawsuit against the State of California.

We are calling you to join the California Association for Recreational Fishing (CARF) in protecting freshwater fishermen and outdoor industries from a very serious and looming threat.

Private stocking of California waters account for about half of the freshwater fish caught by some 1.7 million recreational fisherman, contributing $4.9 billion to California’s economy – a major source of jobs!

This way of life and the jobs dependent on fresh water fishing are being threatened by a legal case quietly moving through the courts and the costly regulations being drafted by the California Department of Fish and Game.

As a result of a lawsuit several years ago against the State of California’s fish hatcheries, the State drafted an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) including private aquaculture in its regulations, even though the lawsuit and ruling only applied to state facilities – and not privately held fish hatcheries and stocking ponds!

Given that California grows some of the healthiest fish in the world under existing regulations, one can only assume that the State’s actions were not motivated by a public need, but merely by a political agenda, one that anglers know has led to significant limitations on ocean fishing off the coast of California.

As a result of new regulations being drafted by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, fish stocking could be a thing of the past once costly regulations are mandated for every fresh water hatchery and stocking pond, imposing crippling regulatory costs annually on businesses to perform genetic and disease testing on every single fish hatchery and pond in California!

By economic analysis provided by Sapphos Environmental, Inc., these unprecedented regulations could cost property owners thousands of dollars annually for even the smallest body of fresh water and even more for fish hatcheries. Such costs will lead to businesses closing and fish ponds simply abandoned all together!

Such costly regulations will impact every private hatchery, stock ponds, and homeowner associations with lakes, and parks. Even golf courses will be affected! With less fish provided by private hatcheries and stocking ponds, recreational fishing will decline, threatening California’s outdoor industry and communities dependent on recreational tourism — namely, sporting goods companies and retailers, boat sales/manufacturing, marinas, bait and tackle shops and many more businesses that create jobs.

Given the urgency of our cause and its economic consequences, CARF has launched a lawsuit to protect recreational fishing. Recently, Pacific Legal Foundation has joined us in this lawsuit alleging that “the Department was without authority to enforce the mitigation measures and protocols recommended by the EIR.” We are grateful for our new-found ally but still need help and support from Californians like you!

The cost of our lawsuit is great and it requires the support of Californians like you.

Take action today to protect recreational fishing!

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